Roman V Kilt


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Cum, Sweat, and Tears. Think gladiators are hot? If it weren’t a fetish for you before, it will be now. This kilt comes in two pieces with double leather straps and buckles on each side. The V shape in front flattens your abs and gives you those guzzlers you’ve always wanted while also visually rounding off that nice man ass. The kilt wraps around your waistline just under the belly button and falls to a few inches above the knees. Romans had no problem with things dangling to their knees, and neither do we. It’s longer in the front with a few straps stitched together to keep that bulge from flopping out in public, but that’s nothing a few snips from the scissors can’t fix, if showing off is your thing. Shorter in the back to break just below your cheeks, staying in or hitting the clubs, we can hang out all night.