Short Strop Leather/Rubber


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Getting your hair cut is perhaps the most intimate thing you can do without taking your clothes off. This is why the relationship between you and your Barber is not only unique but sexy as hell. We’ve played with the barber setting as a theme with all other strops, but the Short Strop Leather/Rubber is…well…let’s just say that if Sweeney Todd swung in our direction, this is the impact toy he would use. Dark and severe, with incredible weight, the Short Strop Leather/Rubber is a strip of oiled black leather that is 16 long, 2¼ wide, and 3/16 thick. The rubber strip is ¼ neoprene rubber. The impact? Exquisite. You will probably remember this shave and haircut as THE shave and haircut to end all shaves and haircuts. And just like that, we’re feeling all warm and gushy.