Strop Brown/Vinyl


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Do you remember the old shave and a haircut routine? Every month, you’d visit a Daddy Barber that rocked your world. Some of us went weekly. You’d put your hand on the armrest, and he would press his crotch up against you as he cut your hair. Maybe he was hard as he rubbed his bulge on your hand. And just when you gathered up the courage to give the man a full-on grope, he stepped back with a knowing smile and a glint in his eye. Then he’d show you who was boss by flicking that straight edge back and forth on his razor strap. It was that sound that made you cum, without touching yourself, wasn’t it? Well, now you can live your fantasy, or at least a portion of it, as your Disciplinarian bends you over for a few good whacks. The Strop Brown/Vinyl, a real barber’s strap, is 24 of brown leather that’s 3/16 thick and 2¼ wide. We’ve added a strip of clear vinyl for a resounding whack that will sting your ass, make your blood boil, and leave your cock drooling.