Tactical Bag Black


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Sure you can throw you toy in your back pack, but here is how the professional kinksters do it! These awesome bags are perfect for our pink hanky flaggers who always have toys on the go. Why limit yourself to just one or two toys? If you’re heading over to to your buddy’s place, make sure you bring enough to keep you both satisfied all night long, and it’s always better to bring options. You never know what the hole will call for until it calls for it! These bags let you travel discreetly from door to door, and your playmate will know that when it comes to fetish, you’re a god damn professional. These bags also make for awesome travel bags for those frisky fetish weekends. Made from canvas so if a lube bottle breaks open, you can throw this bag in the wash! -Measurements: 20Length, 10.5width and 10 tall. -2 hand carry straps -Zip close and snap cover over the zipper.