Trifold Biker Wallet

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Nothing gets your mind wandering to erotically deviant, chub growing places quite like seeing a Leatherman with chains hanging down and around his crotch or ass. It’s a man with money and a sexy demeanor. Here at LeatherWerks we make responsibility look dangerously sexy. Our Biker Wallet snaps shut, has four compartments, and one that zips. There is plenty of room for your money, condoms, ID, condoms, debit card, condoms…oh and did we mention condoms?
Strap the one end of the chain to your belt knowing that your wallet will always make it home with you no matter how sloppy you get. That is, as long as your pants make it home with you. This wallet won’t go anywhere you don’t. Bring a little more attention to your assets with the eye catching, totally badass chain. These wallets are edgy and alternative, so even if you’re not, it provides a hard core look to your image. Leave your girly wallets at home and pull out a real man’s wallet. You’re paying with the bad boys now, and the wild side isn’t always cheap. Some fads may come and go but Biker Chain Wallets never stop turning us on.