Tree Graphite


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This is a type of toy that seems very common in most toy lines and continued requests convinced me to develop a few in silicone. Great for hole play and that popping feeling. I particularly like the medium sized one for helping during clean out, since the two small cones at the tip help to begin coaxing me open deep inside. Small base means you can wear it long term as a plug if you wish. I was sure to develop these so they could stand on their own in the Firm, the SuperSoft version tends to fall over though.

Specialties: Depth

Level: Beginner, Moderate, Advanced


Small – Length 9 • Circ 4 – 7

Medium -Length 12 • Circ 3 1/2 – 7 3/4

Large – Length 14 • Circ 4 1/2 – 10