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Like it’s not-too-distant cousin, the LA Prison Strap, the Hanson LA Prison Strap is an equally impressive impact toy. They’re almost identical in the sense that the dimensions are the same…4 7/8 wide x 32 long and 3/8-thick brown leather…with a natural wood handle that brings the Prison Strap to an overall length of 42 inches. But here’s where the similarity ends. Unlike it’s cousin, the Hanson LA Prison Strap is NOT sewn together, creating a wallop that is not just one, but TWO strikes in one whack. Think of it as a solid spank to that meaty ass, followed by a love tap. It’s an exquisite sensation that will have your boy slipping back and forth between the realms of pleasure and pain, pre-cumming, or both. Wanna see how it feels? Turn around and bend over. Now, grab your ankles. We’re gonna do you old-school.